Skin and Derma Product range

Service Code PCD Pharma Franchise Skin and Derma Products range
Service Price 100000INR
Service Quantity 30Boxes
Service Capacity 200
Service Time 300 hours
PDF Broucher Not Available
Packaging Details
Service Description Skin & derma Products are in huge demand as chronic skin diseases are taking place. To cure these ailments Medilente Pharma has a wide range of cGMP high-quality Skin & Derma Products range offered for PCD Pharma in India. These products are highly effective and tested at each process of development. We welcome Pharma Professionals to Join our PCD pharma Franchise for Derma and skin products on a monopoly basis. 1. LUCILENT 2. LENTEFLOX-OTC 3. ITRALENT 100 CAP 4. ITRALENT 200 CAP 5. NIDZOLE-150