Welcome to Aingo Pharma Pvt. Ltd.

"At Aingo Pharma Pvt. Ltd , the practice of Medicine is an art, not a trade; a calling, not a business; a calling in which our heart will be exercised equally with our head."

Aingo Pharma Pvt. Ltd is an emerging, global pharmaceutical company with proven capabilities in the areas of product research, manufacturing & marketing. Over the years, Aingo Pharma Pvt. Ltd has emerged as one of the fastest growing Indian pharmaceutical companies. Our focus on specialty segments in India and simultaneous opening of newer markets abroad has helped us maintain the growth. We have firmly establishing our brands in each market for sustained sales. We have established strong capabilities in the international market with exports contributing a substantial part of the total revenues..

ISO 9001 : 2008 Certificate
As a responsible pharmaceutical organization with commitment to serve with the approved atandards of ISO 9001 : 2008 Certifications. To be identified as an epitome of healthcare & concern in the entire industry. Always does the work as certifications under the WHO - GMP Standards.

Pharma Franchies
We has been marching ahead to be a leading and first-string service provider in India with considerable interests and expertise in Pharma Pcd offered in line with WHO model.Multi-level marketing and effective way...

Pharma PCD
In PCD segement we offer smaller areas. starting orders and sales targets are also lower and this segement is open for Distributors/Wholesalers/Retailers/Medical Reps etc. ..

Our Team:
We have appointed a team of qualified and experienced professionals from different field of science. Team of our professionals comprises of experienced procuring agents, quality experts, warehousing & packaging personnel, delivery agents and other skilled & non skilled labours. We have recruited these professionals after an intense selection procedure on the bases of their rich domain expertise and working experience in medical field. .

Third Party Manufacturing:
EXCISE EXEMPTION UPTO 2018 We are offering contract manufacturing/P2P/Third Party for Domestics and Export Market.

Building a long term relationship with our clients on the basis of Ethics coupled with Trust is our sole belief.

Our Vision:
We want to excel in manufacturing of highest quality pharmaceutical products with ethical standards and obligations to do things right and fair. We sincerely believe that with right approach.....