Welcome to Nidus Pharma Derma PCD Company

Nidus Pharma is a globally integrated Derma & Cosmetics PCD Franchise Manufacturing company that fulfills unmet medical needs across the world. At Nidus Pharma our core value of Knowledge, Action & Care propels us to improve the quality of lives by democratizing healthcare. Making a holistic impact on the health of patients worldwide requires us to work with partners across the healthcare value chain. From other pharmaceutical companies, doctors, healthcare professionals, hospitals, distribution networks, and retailers, we work with all of them always keeping the end consumer – the patient at the center of all we do. We focus on our partners with a high-value strategic mindset and who place a premium on quality, compliance, and relationships.

Our Mission
In our mission to create healthier communities globally, we deliver wide ranging healthcare. We believe we can create value only if we care for the ones we serve, that our care will have an impact only if it is followed by timely action if it is backed by knowledge. Each and every individual of society get an opportunity to enhance their beauty values.

Our Vision
To become a Research-based International Pharmaceutical Company. The company is driven by its vision to achieve significant business. Based on strong corporate values. Nidus Pharma is in the business of caring and providing solutions to doctors, patients and nurses. To impart confidence in the human race that they can over come any type of skin compromised challenges.

All products are in strict adherence to ethical standards & global norms of cGMP, ICH and ISO 9001:2008.

Our Philosophy
``When work commitment and Pleasure all become one and you reach that deep well where passion lives nothing is impossibe``