Pharma Franchise manufacturers

blog title Pharma Franchise manufacturers

Altar Healthcare a leading Pharma Franchise Manufacturers based in Chandigarh having its manufacturing units at Ruraki (UK), and Derrabassi (PB). We Nualtar Group Manufacturing & Trading wide assortment of superior quality of medicines for pharma Franchise monopoly Rights. PCD Franchise Players looking for Pharma Franchise from the Company with its own Manufacturing for Tablets Pharma, capsules, injectables, Syrup/Dry Syrup, Gel, Powder, Sachet, Drops can Drop us a Query to get a Quotation for Licensed Trading of Medicines in Wholesale . Altar Healthcare is known for its Quality Formulations and fastest Delivery in the Market, since 2000.

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PCD Derma & Skin Care products

blog title PCD Derma & Skin Care products

High Quality cGMP Skincare Products available at best wholesale price for PCD Pharma. These Derma & Skin Care Products are manufactured using best quality ingredients and are Clinically tested to assure safe and effective results. Altar Healthcare is known for its Quality & fast delivery of Goods in Pharma Sector. We are leading Manufacturers of Gel, ointment, Cream, lotions, Shampoo to meet the increasing demand of Derma and Skin care Products. Experienced Pharma Professionals looking for PCD in Derma and Skin Care segment are Welcomed to Altar Healthcare with various Franchise Benefits & Schemes. To Get in touch Drop a Query.

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Dermatology Products PCD Franchise

blog title Dermatology Products PCD Franchise

A wide range of Derma Products from Lotions, Shampoo, Cream to Gel, We "Altar Healthcare P Ltd." are one of the India's Leading Dermatology products Manufacturers offering a comprehensive Derma range for PCD Franchise in India.. Checkout our Derma Franchise Opportunity scheme for monopoly Distribution of Derma products in India by filling up the Query form. Willing Professionals with adequate experience in PCD Franchise Business any of the segment can avail the high quality Derma & Cosmetic Products at best wholesale price for Franchise in India. To know more about Altar Healthcare visit About Page from menu or Drop a Query to get in touch with one of our representative for Further Process & Derma Franchise Detail.

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Franchise - Nutraceutical Products

blog title Franchise - Nutraceutical Products

Looking for Best Nutraceutical Products for PCD Franchise in India ? We "Altar Healthcare Pvt. Ltd." are Leading & well known name for Nutraceutical & Supplements manufacturers headquartered in Chandigarh, serving the Nutraceutical Products Demand since 2000. We offers Dietary and Supplement products called as Nutraceutical for PCD Monopoly Franchise in India. Our Nutraceutical Product range includes Protein, Vitamin & Minerals, Calcium, Whey Protein, Iron & more in the form of tablets, Capsules, Liquid & Powder. Download from To get Complete Product list of Altar Healthcare or Drop a Query to get in touch with one of our representative.

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Propaganda PCD Pharma

blog title Propaganda PCD Pharma

PCD Propaganda Cum Distributorship, We are Leading Suppliers of PCD Pharma Propaganda. Altar Healthcare offers one of its Division 300+ WHO-cGMP Medicines under PCD Pharma Franchise scheme for Licensed Pharma Professionals to Join Nualtar Group of Companies. These Medicines are Manufactured in inhouse cGMP Manufacturing Plant as per WHO & DCGI standards. Our product range for PCD Pharma Franchise includes, Tablets, Capsules, Injections, Syrup, Dry Syrup, Ointment, powder, Softgel Capsules & more at best price for Third Party Manufacturing/Contract Manufacturing and Licensed Wholesale Trading in India. Drop us a Query to know more about PCD Pharma Propaganda Franchise Benefits in Detail, One of our representative will get in touch with you on given detail shortly.

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pharma franchise dietary supplement

blog title pharma franchise dietary supplement

Altar Healthcare P Ltd. top notch Dietary Supplement Manufacturer, providing Selective Dietary products for Franchise opportunity along Promotional aid to distribute its Nutraceutical Composition effectively to Potential Market in India. These Supplements has been appreciated for their effective results and highly recommended by top Dietary experts for specific body types. PCD Franchise Operators deals in or are interested into Dietary and Supplements Franchise can drop us a query to know more about these Products Franchise Opportunity. Altar Healthcare is an ISO Pharma Manufacturing & Trading Company deals into various quality Compositions and supplying its Products via PCD Franchise across India. Apply today to get special pricing.

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Intimate Wash - Advance Intimate Hygiene

blog title Intimate Wash - Advance Intimate Hygiene

Unique pH balance formula with lactic acid, Tea Tree Oil & Sea Buckthom Benefits in 100 ML high quality Packing by Nualter Group of Companies for PCD Franchise. We are WHO-cGMP Intimate Cosmetic Products including Lotions, Cream, Soap & more. These Derma & skin Products are distributed through PCD Pharma, Pharma Franchise, Pharma Distributors & Pharma Derma & Cosmetic Products Stockists in India. To become our Distributors on Monopoly basis Drop us a Query & get a Free Quote !

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Cosmetic Anti Acne Face Wash

blog title Cosmetic Anti Acne Face Wash

Tea Tree - Anti Acne Face Wash for all Skin type in 200 ML /6.70 Oz & more External Medicated Cosmetic Products for Licensed Wholesale Trading with Promotional Material & Manufacturing Quality. Get our Price List - Fill up the Query Forms to get in touch with Nualter Group of Pharma, Derma, Ayurvedic Pharma Companies.

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Multivitamin Softgel gelatin Capsules

blog title Multivitamin Softgel gelatin Capsules

We are Leading Manufacturers & Traders of Multivitamin Soft gel gelatin Capsules used to treat various ailments, are available at best price for PCD Franchise in India. Being a Manufacturers of Multivitamin Capsules are able to offers Competitive Pricing for its Composition. Download our Product List or Drop us a Query to get costume Quote, Promotional Material and Other Sales Schemes for Current month Nutraceutical Capsules PCD Franchise in India. Become our Monopoly Distributor to promote cGMP - DCGI approved Capsules, Softgel Capsules.

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Nutraceutical Tablets

blog title Nutraceutical Tablets

cGMP Range of Nutraceutical Tablets for PCD Pharma Franchise in India on Monopoly basis. Altar Healthcare a leading Nutraceutical Product Manufacturers & Suppliers offers Pharma Franchise in Nutraceutical, Dermaceutical & Pharmaceutical medicine segment to sale & promote its medicines in your area without any internal competition & earn high return. Our Nutraceutical range includes Multivitamin Capsules, Tablets, Protein Powder, Tonic & more at quality packing and using superior ingredients. Drop us a query to become our PCD Franchise Monopoly partner in your city for our Nutraceutical Product range..

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Herbal cosmetic Range

blog title Herbal cosmetic Range

Cosmetic PCD Franchise are in huge demand now days in India. Checkout PCD Pharma of Ayurvedic, Herbal and Cosmetic Products by an ISO and GMP CERTIFIED herbal products value-added food manufacturing company - Altar healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Chandigarh, India. Contact us now to get prices and offers related to herbal pcd franchise, herbal PCD Company, herbal cosmetics pcd company, PCD Herbal Company, indian. We are well known and trusted name in Ayurvedic and Herbal market. Download our Product list or Drop us a query to get our Latest herbal cosmetics Prices, packaging samples, MRP and Discounts. We welcome Wholesale Trading & PCD Franchise Inquiries for Ayurvedic Products, Herbal and Cosmetic products from all across India.

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Nulivzyme - Liver Tonic with Benefits of Enzyme Syrup

blog title Nulivzyme - Liver Tonic with Benefits of Enzyme Syrup

Anti-Bacterial Nulivzyme - Liver Tonic with Benefits of Enzyme Syrup in 200 ML Packing. It is a perfect blend of potent herbs that are effective helpful in correcting all disorders of Liver and digestive system. Nulivzyme is also useful in Jaundice,Fatty Liver,Alcoholic Liver, Anemia & Recovers loss of Appetite, Hepatotoxicity and corrects Liver Dysfunction.

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Nimesulide Paracetamol Tablets

blog title Nimesulide Paracetamol Tablets

Composition: Nimesulide 100 mg. + Paracetamol 350 mg for PCD Pharma Franchise & Third Party manufacturing. Nimesulide is used for the treatment of a variety of painful inflammatory conditions including those associated with osteoarthritis, postoperative trauma, sports injuries, acute musculoskeletal disorders including tendonitis, tenosynovitis, sprains, strains and low back pain, ear, nose, and throat disorders, dental surgery, bursitis/tendonitis,

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Ofloxacin and Ornidazole tablets

blog title Ofloxacin and Ornidazole tablets

Ofloxacin and Ornidazole tablets PCD franchise

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