Aceclofenac Paracetamol Pediatric Syrups

blog title Aceclofenac Paracetamol Pediatric Syrups

Paracetamol, (or acetaminophen or APAP) is a medicine used to treat mild to moderate pain and fever. On the other hand, Aceclofenac is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) analog of diclofenac. With a combination of Aceclofenac, it is used to treat Cold, Toothache, Headache, Ear pain, Joint pain, Fever etc. Swisschem an ISO certified top pharma franchise company in India to bring a quality range of medicines and drugs for children and infants. We offers Pharma Franchise For Wholesale paediatric syrup that cure cough and cold. Our company is covering all the major cities, states, and towns in our monopoly franchise business opportunity. You can own a genre of antibiotics, antihistamines, cough, cold, anti-allergic etc. products made using best quality extracts. We meet over 20 percent of demand for Pediatric syrups wholesale franchise in all the parts of India.We have syrups for children like antibiotics, bacterial infections, anti-inflammatory, antiprotozoal, immunosuppressant, antihistamine & more. Our company promises you to give better deals in forms of attractive promotional kits, handsome incentive schemes, bonus on achieving regular targets and more. Talk to Swisschem Healthcare representative for further detail or simply fill our inquiry form and leave your message for us to let our representative to contact you.

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Artesunate Injection

blog title Artesunate Injection

Artesunate injection medicines an antimalarial drug are used to treat severe malaria and its symptoms in patients caused by Plasmodium falciparum strains. SwisscheM Healthcare is one of the well known top pharma companies in India to provide you quality liquid drug formulations for injection dosage form. At SwisscheM Healthcare, you can find all types of injections or injectables at best wholesale prices in India. Our company is an ISO certified Pharma Company operating in all parts of India through PCD Pharma franchise dealerships. We have a wide base of 350+ associates so far. To become our client through PCD pharma franchise for injectables or injection drugs and medicines drop us a query.Here take a look at the injection name list provided by SwisscheM Healthcare: Alpha Beta Arteether Amikacin Amoxicillin Propyl Paraben Tazobactam Cefoperazone Sulbactam Ceftazidime Ceftazidime sodium Clavulanic Acid Methyl Paraben

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Ointment Range for Franchise

blog title Ointment Range for Franchise

Ointments are a semi-solid topical medication preparation that is applied to the skin or mucous membranes. SwisscheM Healthcare manufactures and supplies a wide range of pharmaceutical ointment like Diclofenac Diethylamine+ Linseed Oil Methyl Salicylate+ Menthol Gel & more for PCD Pharma Franchise in India. We are ISO certified along with having GMP-WHO units according to Schedule M. a well-known pharma manufacturer and supplier, we have been appreciated by our associates for our quality medicines and investment plans. We are amongst the reputed pharma manufacturer and supplier for ointments in India. Our company is deeply into pharma marketing services. We are inviting people from all over India to become our PCD Franchise member.

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Ophthalmic Medicinal Segment

blog title Ophthalmic Medicinal Segment

The ophthalmic medicines industry is dominated by drop dosage forms. Demand is exceeding high because Eye drops have fewer side effects than any other oral medicines. SwisscheM Healthcare is one of the best ophthalmic PCD companies in India covers a vast range of ophthalmic drops for a franchise business. The drug formulations for sensitive eyes have been made using the best quality material. Sterilized containers have been used for storing the drug. We have embraced the best packaging techniques in order to increase its life and improve its shortcomings. You will get to enjoy a vast range of benefits like promotional tools benefits when being our PCD Franchise member. Our company provides genuine investment plans for franchises all over India. You can start the Franchise business with Rs 15000 to Rs 50000 as an initial starting. We provide Regular incentive schemes. You will also get a bonus on a regular basis when attaining sales targets.

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Analgesics Medicines

blog title Analgesics Medicines

Analgesics also known as Pain Killers, are widest used drug classes in India. Swisschem Healthcare Leading Manufacturers of Pain Killer medicines welcomes all those who are looking for affordable and genuine deals of painkillers drugs for PCD Pharma Franchise. We have Marketing Divisions for various segments covering Anti-allergic, Anti-biotic, Anti-infective, Anticold and Cardiovascular drugs, Derma & Cosmetic, Herbal/Ayurveda. We assure to provide timely delivery of the quality medicines at affordable rates. In order to maintain the quality, we have a well-managed quality team that keeps a constant eye at every process of manufacturing. The company provides the PCD Pharma Franchise to newcomers and pharma professionals at genuine & reasonable prices. Our company works professionally and that gives you a better experience of work. Join hands with us and get the flexible investment plans.

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Pharma Franchise Antacid Medicines

blog title Pharma Franchise Antacid Medicines

Swisschem Healthcare a profound pharmaceutical company that is well known for formulating, manufacturing and marketing the quality Antacid Medicines. These medicines are available in the form of soft gels, tablets, capsules, syrups, oral suspension, sachet, and powder. We owns vast GMP & WHO Manufacturing units that practice international quality standards. Antacid Medicines to cure acid problems are approved by DCGI and bring you astonishing medicines variety. We ensure the timely delivery of medicines along with the promotional schemes to our associates.

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Neuropsychiatry Medicines

blog title Neuropsychiatry Medicines

SwisscheM Healthcare Pvt Ltd is Chandigarh based registered an ISO 9001:2008 certified pharma franchise company manufacturing, marketing, trading, supply and third party manufacturing for pharma products. Swisschem offers the best range of Neuropsychiatry medicines and providing Pharma Franchise for Neuropsychiatry Medicines, Products, Drugs & Range all over the country. Neuropsychiatry is a brand of science that deals with the mental disorder problems. We welcome all the pharma professionals and others to join our Pharma Franchises for Neuropsychiatry Medicines in India.

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Diabetic Medicines for Franchise

blog title Diabetic Medicines for Franchise

SwisscheM Healthcare is a leading manufacturer of wide range of cGMP Diabetic medicines & made its significant presence in this sector with its wide products range and state-of-art production units. The trust SwisscheM Healthcare has gained over the years makes SwiscsheM Healthcare best for Pharma Franchise of Diabetic product range. All products we manufacture are processed by using the best quality raw material. The quality control management team keeps a good check on the quality of products at every level if manufacturing.

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Oncology Product Range

blog title Oncology Product Range

India will have increased cancer cases by 2020 approx 17 lakhs. 70 new treatment on oncology has been discovered recently shows the demand for Superior quality oncology products range is going to all time high. SwisscheM Healthcare offering its Pharma Franchise for Oncology range, medicines, products & drugs. The company is well known for manufacturing in the WHO and GMP certified Plant high quality and effective range of drugs. Pharma Professionals who wants to start their own business in this industry, Oncology Medicines drugs are one of the best PCD franchise opportunity for them. We have achieved a reputation in managing quality packing and on time delivery. Associate to Become our PCD Franchise partner & get Oncology range or cancer medicines in wholesale. The company provides world class services and ensure that associates get the mutual benefits to grow their business effectively in the industry.

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Monopoly Pharma Franchise

blog title Monopoly Pharma Franchise

Your search for Monopoly Pharma Franchise must end here ! We are the Top Pharma Franchise Company in Chandigarh with own Manufacturing Units with capacities to manufacture various Drug Dosage for different Healthcare segments like Orthopaedic, Derma and Cosmetic, Analgesic, Antacid, Cardiac, Nero, Ophthalmic, Herbal, Gynaecological & more with testing facilities for each production process. Our Production Plants are equipped with latest technologies and processed as per the WHO-DCGI & cGMP standards to assure quality of Pharm Drugs & their efficacy. We put our resources together into market to get the best out of it, Our deep market knowledge & tie ups with with good name in Industry has helped us to grow tremendously in short span of time. We focus equivalent towards our MOnopoly Franchise, PCD Pharma distributors & other Business parterres as we are focused and sincere foe Quality of our products. We have huge manufacturing capacity as well as stocks & ware houses to make sure the availability of even least used products. To know more about Monopoly pharma Franchise benefits that our PCD Franchise operators enjoy Drop us a query and we will get in touch with you some good Pharma Franchise deals & investment Plans to get you in the market.

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PCD Pharma Ayurvedic Product range

blog title PCD Pharma Ayurvedic Product range

Pharma Ayurvedic market is witnessing include growing urbanization & changing lifestyle, adopting as a complementary and alternative medicine, new innovative product launches and growth opportunities/investment opportunities/ Ayurvedic PCD Pharma Franchise Opportunity. The $4 billion domestic market comprises ethical, classical, over-the-counter, personal care and beauty products. There is a need for modern system of Herbal medicine in the market & we are one of those Top modern system Ayurvedic Product Range Manufacturer & Suppliers promoting Herbal products through Pharma PCD Franchise Concept across India. We provide our products Marketing & promotion monopoly rights to Pharma Professionals already working as PCD Franchise Professional or new comer own Drug License, GST No. , adequate Marketing & Sales Experience, Dynamic can apply for our Ayurvedic Products Monopoly PCD Pharma Franchise for you PCD Area. SwisscheM an ISO certified Ayurvedic Company, Marketing in house Manufactured cGMP Ayurvedic Molecules in standards with DCGI & WHO for PCD Pharma across India. Write us your requirement & we will get in touch with you finding a suitable Business Deal for SwisscheM cGMP Ayurvedic Product Range for PCD Pharma Franchise & Domestic Trade.

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Otolaryngology Medicines pcd pharma Franchise

blog title Otolaryngology Medicines pcd pharma Franchise

We are manufacturing & Supplying Otolaryngology Medicines through pcd pharma Franchise Company in India. Otolaryngology medicine deals with disorders conditions of the ear, nose, and throat (ENT) region, and related areas of the head and neck. We are an INSO Certified Otolaryngology Medicines pcd pharma Franchise Company in India. Drop a Query to ENT products for PCD Pharma Franchise monopoly rights. Get our Latest price List and Product samples on your mail.

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Antiviral Medicine Range

blog title Antiviral Medicine Range

Do You required Antiviral Medicine Range For PCD Pharma Franchise? Swisschem healthcare is a Panchkula based Pharma Franchise Company that manufacture & Supplies a wide range of Antiviral Drugs across India. We are promoting our DCGI approved & GMP Manufactured Antiviral Medicines through PCD Pharma Distributors. If you are interested to get Antiviral Medicine Range For PCD Pharma Franchise on a monopoly basis in your area, Drop us a message. We are adhere to quality and transparent Business. We have more than seven PCD Franchise Divisions comprises of general & specialty Medicine like Anti infectives & Antiviral, Derma & Cosmetics, cardiac Diabetic, Ayurvedic & more.

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Ultrashine Haldi Chandan Face Wash SwissCosmed

blog title Ultrashine Haldi Chandan Face Wash SwissCosmed

Introducing Ultrashine Haldi Chandan Face Wash by SwissCosmed - a fusion of time-honored traditions and modern skincare innovation. Immerse yourself in the gentle embrace of this exquisite blend of turmeric (haldi) and sandalwood (chandan) renowned for their skin-loving properties. Enriched with the natural goodness of Haldi, known for its potent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits, and Chandan, revered for its soothing and brightening qualities, this face wash is designed to rejuvenate and nourish your skin. Its unique formulation helps combat blemishes, calm irritated skin, and reveal a radiant, refreshed complexion. The UltraShine Haldi Chandan Face Wash is suitable for all skin types and is free from harsh chemicals, ensuring a gentle yet effective cleansing experience. Begin and end your day with the luxurious touch of SwissCosmed, and let your skin glow with the timeless allure of Haldi and Chandan. Experience the ageless beauty secrets of nature with Ultrashine Haldi Chandan Face Wash by SwissCosmed. Elevate your skincare routine and indulge in a pampering experience that leaves you with luminous, enviable skin.

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