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Service Code MHadjoda Bone & Joint Wellness Capsules Manufacturers, Suppliers & Traders
Service Price 25000INR
Service Quantity 20Boxes
Service Capacity 50
Service Time 90 hours
PDF Broucher Not Available
Packaging Details
Service Description We are leading Pharma Capsules Manufacturers, Suppliers & Traders in India offers Pharma Manufacturing under third party agreement to top Pharma Companies offers Branded, Generic Capsules for PCD Pharma Franchise in India. We introduce our own Brand Hadjoda Bone & Joint Wellness Capsule for Wholesale Trading, Bulk Orders & PCD Pharma. One Hadjoda Bone & Joint Wellness Capsule is in 3*10 Packaging used to treat joint pain. We offers an comprehensive Pharma Capsules range for licensed wholesale trading & Ethical Pharma Franchise in India on Monopoly basis. To check out our complete Capsules and other segments Products Download the list or Drop us a query to get in touch with our representative.