High Quality Antibiotic Medicine Range

Brand Name Antibiotic Medicine Range for Pharma Franchise in India
Price 25000INR
Minimum Quantity 35Boxes
Maximum Capacity 50
Delivery Time 90 hours
Product Broucher Not Available
Packaging Details
Detailed Description As for any medicine, it is crucial that antibiotics are of high quality. We are one of the trusted name in Pharma Franchise Business engaged in Manufacturing & Marketing a Comprehensive High Quality broad-spectrum antibiotics, Antibiotic Drugs Treated for bacterial infections, fungi and protozoa. Further, we formulate them under the guidance of pharmaceutical experts and store them in hygienic conditions. We offer quality range of antibiotic tablets, capsules, powders, injectables etc. They are made using best quality extracts and ingredients from best merchants of pharma ingredients in the market. If you are in search of starting up your own business or expansion opportunities then PCD pharma franchise for antibiotic medicines, products, drugs, Range in India is the best way.