PCD Pharma Price list

Service Code PCD Pharma Price list
Service Price 25000INR
Service Quantity 100Items
Service Capacity 1000
Service Time 5 days
PDF Broucher Not Available
Packaging Details
Service Description MEDVILLE HEALTHCARE PRIVATE LIMITED PRICE LIST S.NO. PRODUCTS COMPOSITION 1 AMIVIL PREBIOTIC AND PROBIOTIC CAP 2 Azoferol Cholecalciferol 60000 Chewable Tabs 3 CARTIDURE Glucosamine 750 mg+ Methyl Suilfonyl methane 250+ Diacerien 50mg TAB 4 CEFTIMAC 100 ITRACONAZOLE 100MG CAP 5 CEFTIMAC 200 ITRACONAZOLE 200MG CAP 6 DEFXTY DEFLAZACORT 6MG TAB 7 ENZICET -D Trypsin 48mg +Bromelan 90 mg+ Routoside 100mg + Diclofenec 50 mg TAB 8 EVIKOS DSR Rabeperazole20MG +Domp 30MGDSR CAP 9 EVIKOS LS Rabeperazole20 +levosulpride75MG CAP 10 EVIKOS 20 Rabeperazole 20mg TAB 11 FABVIL Febuxostat 40mg/80mg TAB 12 FRADVIT( Food) MULTIVITAMIN, TRACE ELEMENTS, LYCOPENE WITH LACTOBACILLUS ANTIXIDANT TAB 13 MYOREXIL Gel DICLOPHENAC DIETHYLAMINE ,LINSED OIL,METHYLSALICYLATE ,CAPSAICIN, MENTHOL AND BENZYL ALCOHOL OINTMENT 30GM 14 MYOREXIL TH Aceclo 100MG+ Thiocholchecoside 4MG + PCM325MG TAB 15 MYOREXIL SP ACECLO 100MG+ PARACETAMOL 325MG+ SERRATIOPEPTIDASE 15MG TAB 16 OSBIAN Calcium Citerate 1500 +Vitamin D31000 IU+ZN+MG TAB 17 OSBIAN K Calcium CITRATE MALATE 500MG +Vitamin K2-7 45 mg+Calciterol .25 mg+Methylcobalamine750 mcg+ Vit.B6 3mg+folic acid 1.5mg SOFT GEL 18 TELFADIN M Fexofenadine120 mg + Montelucast 10mg TAB 19 TELFADIN MAX Fexofenadine120 mg + Montelucast 10mg + acebrophulline 200 MG SR TAB 20 TORYSIB 90 Etoricoxib 90 TAB 21 TORYSIB 120 Etoricoxib 120 TAB 22 TORYSIB P Etoricoxib +PARACETAMOL TAB 23 TORYSIB TH Etoricoxib60 MG +THIOCOLCHICOSIDE 4 MG TAB 24 VILFERFE Ferrous bisglycinate 300 mg eq.to elemental iron 60mg+Zinc bisglycinateeq.to elemental zinc 15mg+Folic acid 1mg Mecobalamin 500mcg TAB 25 VILFERFE XT Ferrous Ascorbate 100mg+Folic acid 1.5mg+ Zink Sulphate 22.5 TAB 26 VILPREG Pregabalin75mg+Methylcobalmin1500 CAP 27 VILSPASZ Mefanic acid 250MG+ Doteravine80MG TAB 28 VILBACT LB AMOXYCILLIN TRIHYDRATE 500MG + CLAVULANIC ACID 125MG + LACTIC ACID BACILLUS 60 MILLION SPORES TAB 29 ZEFUCET CV Cefuroxime 250/500 + 125 mg Pot.Claunate TAB 30 WYJECT PIPERACILLIN 4 GM TAZOBACTAM SODIUM 500 MG INJ 31 WYZONE CEFRTIAXONE 1 GM +SULBACTAM 500 MG INJ 32 MEDTRIL .25mg md CLONAZEPAM MD 0.25MG TAB 33 MEDTRIL .50mg md CLONAZEPAM MD 0.5MG TAB 34 TDSET P TRAMADOL HYDROCHLORIDE 37.5 MG & PARACETAMOL 325 MGTABLET 35 Myorexil P Aceclofenac 100 +paracetamol 325mg 36 Osbian CQ Calcium CITRATE MALATE 500MG +Cissus Quadrangularis500 mg+Vitamin K2-7 45 mg 37 Medtril Plus Escitalopram & Clonazepam Tab This Price List is applicable for current The Month Only. Prices Can Change without prior notice. Any dispute is subject to Mohali Jurisdiction